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Thank you for posting this. I’m sure that other states will soon pass similar, with or without citizens knowledge or approval. Looks pretty scripted to me & part of the larger plan to undo our American Constitution & replace it with something more “ universal”.

This should be a huge red flag to all that this is happening. Like Moses was told to build a boat because the rain was coming to the desert?! It’s time to build a boat. Get prepared & don’t waste time on what can’t be changed.

Continue to watch legislation & check out your local city council meetings as well. United Nations- ( used to be Agenda 21),

Agenda 30? 50? It stood for goals that would happen in the 21st century. That time is now.

Most cities have a “ comprehensive” plan of development. It has a lot of words like, smart, and equitable, & sustainable.

Basically these development plans have been passed and amended, without a vote of the people. It’s legal, and binding. Many are unaware of the future cities we WILL live in. 15 min. cities are real & the plan is moving forward fast. If you want to understand it better, pick up a copy of

“ Behind the Green Mask” by Rosa Koire. That will get your feet wet & the back of the book literally shows how to fight back. That’s the goal, that’s our “ boat.”

Jay Inslee follows Ca. gov. Gavin Newsom in most forward thinking legislation. I’m sure this has been passed there, I will check. 🙈

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